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Brenda's Books

Apr 30, 2020

Sara realizes the real reason she broke up with Jack. Captain Barnett comes to her with an unusual request.


Apr 23, 2020

Sara goes to apologize to Jack. They disagree with what their relationship should be. 


Apr 16, 2020

Randy confides in Sara through some dark moments. Lexy gives Sara a shooting lesson, despite a guy hitting on her. Sara is surprised with how Lexy interacts with Jack's best friend.  She discovers staggering news about Sam.

Apr 9, 2020

Randy is upset with Sara's choice of blood donors. Sara and Jack have a "discussion" about Jack's orders. 


Apr 2, 2020

Sara works to save a sergeant's life after being forced to watch him bleed without assistance. Soldiers on the bus discover the enemy's pistol isn't a pistol after all.