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Brenda's Books

Mar 25, 2021

Alvin helps the queen find another way to transport her letter, but circumstances require that she and Prince Steffan deliver it to the port themselves where the queen happens to faint for an unknown reason and for all to see.   

Mar 18, 2021

Andraya astounds the noblemen with a hidden talent of hers after Chancellor Dolion motions to vote her out of her title.  

Mar 11, 2021

Caleen is enraged once she finds out Andraya forgot to send a letter to send for her mother. Andraya discovers how she can win over the council in order to keep her title.   

Mar 3, 2021

Andraya and Caleen almost get caught scampering around the palace. Chancellor Dolion attempts to weasel his way into making the Head Crown decisions.