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Brenda's Books

Apr 29, 2021

Queen Andraya receives letters and poems ranging from maddening to heart throbbing. Prince Steffan falsely believes the queen loathes his poetry. The very person Andraya wanted to send for from MaDeen arrives at her palace. 

Apr 22, 2021

Andraya relives a childhood memory with Caleen and discovers something she can do to help Caleen find a husband. The queen has a surprising, yet delightful, post-recovery visit with Prince Steffan—which is interrupted by Marquis Draven who brings another criticism to the queen.   

Apr 15, 2021

Queen Andraya pulls out of her delirious state. Her nurse tells her how she was poisoned and shows her the many gifts she received while ill. The queen poses a theory of who might have poisoned her.   

Apr 8, 2021

Queen Andraya wakes up from a horrible dream where Caleen, the nurse, and Prince Steffan have been taking care of her. Caleen and Andraya rekindle their friendship. Andraya abruptly falls ill and Prince Steffan suspects foul play.   

Apr 1, 2021

Steffan cares for Andraya at the port. The queen finds it easy to confide in Steffan, which causes her to be slightly suspicious of him.