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Brenda's Books

Oct 31, 2019

Sara discovers her lost Insignia badge was stolen by the very man who wants to lure her away with him. She might have to fight him alone since her superiors won't believe her story. 


Free Audio Book!

Oct 30, 2019


To thank you for listening to Lady Romance, I have a gift for you...a free audio book!

Blemished Beauty is a clean romance that will be available on Audible for $19.99 (and other audio platforms) just in time for the holidays!

But, if you want it NOW for FREE then join Brenda's fan club here. It's easy. I'll send...

Oct 24, 2019

Sara hits it off with her brawny roommate and discovers some of her horrific history, some of which is common with her own. 

Oct 17, 2019

WWIII is raging and Sara is drafted into the Army where dealing with tragedy and fighting off douchebags becomes a necessary habit. But there's one upside: Lieutenant Colonel Haskins.